The World’s Greatest Search & Discover is the coolest 'hidden objects' game ever made! Reenergize your historical sense for knowledge and rediscover millions of years of the Earth’s history. This colorful, dry-erasable poster (36"x72") was designed and illustrated by renowned artist Matt Maley. Guaranteed hours of entertainment for the entire family with hundreds of historical items to be found! Travel with Halley and G.L.O.B.E. as they journey through time-from the inception of our planet to the dawning of the 21st century. Separate facts from legends and learn about the events that have made the world what it is today.


Why Us?

We know there are other search and finds out there, but here's why we're on top. Our poster stands out because it's reusable, promoting sustainability while also fostering education. With the largest search and find canvas available, featuring hundreds of items to discover, the adventure never ends. Join us and experience the difference!

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Hundreds Of Items To Find


Promotes Learning

The Biggest Search And Find In The World