About Us

Our Dramatic Tale of Innovation and Unification:

In the heart of creative ambition, Lumiscape™ was born from the fervent desire to orchestrate an empire of exceptional brands. Founded on the premise of crafting excellence from the ground up, our journey began with a singular vision — to give life to a spectrum of companies, each a gem in its own right.

As the architects of our destiny, we embarked on a venture to create not just a brand, but an entire universe. In the early days, we meticulously birthed each company, nurturing them like works of art. From avant-garde lighting to cutting-edge home decor, every product was born from the crucible of our imagination.

Our narrative unfolded with the birth of Vroomvault™, a visionary venture into the world of automotive accessories. Fuelled by the spirit of innovation, we imagined a line of products that transcended the ordinary, enhancing the driving experience with a touch of Lumiscape magic.

With each company, our portfolio expanded, and our commitment to authenticity grew stronger. As we shaped the destiny of each brand, we realized the potential of unity. Lumiscape™ emerged not just as a parent company but as the visionary force that binds this constellation of entities together.

Today, Lumiscape™ proudly owns the narrative of each product and company under its wing. From the first stroke of design to the final flourish of creation, our story is one of drama, innovation, and unification. Welcome to the tale of Lumiscape™, where dreams are woven into reality, and every product is a testament to our audacious journey.